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Version 4.0.0 Progress



Our Dev Team has been hard at work making sure everything is perfect before we move on to the next major version of our website. This post will show you some previews of what to expect as well as an explanation of what all the new features do 👀 And yes it's extremely mobile friendly!

Updated Bot Cards

We have completely redesigned our bot cards and banner layouts with a sleek yet minimalistic design that we hope you will all love as much as we do.

Bot Cards

Updated Bot Pages

We have also completely redesigned our Bot Pages and buttons to provide a more user friendly experience all around!

Bot Page

We have even updated our Legal Pages (Terms, Privacy and License) to make it easier for you to find whatever it is you may be looking for!

Legal Stuff

Redesigned User Profiles

With version 4 your user profile is guaranteed to look more attractive all around. We greatly improved the style and made all the available options that much easier to find!

User Profile

New User Settings

We have finally added a advanced and reliable settings page for all of our users, this page will allow you to view your notification subscriptions, active vote reminders, request a copy of your data that we collect and so much more!

User Settings

Closing Statements

We are extremely excited to be able to release this update for the public however we are still hard at work making sure everything is perfect and ready to go for production.

Currently we have no set deadline of when we are expecting to release version 4! However you can find and access our public test branch here