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New Blog and Updates



Hey there, welcome to the new/permanent blog site for infinity bot list and infinity development this website will be used to server our updates, changelogs, downtimes and newsletters as well as sneak peeks of upcoming website changes and updates.

Why the new Blog Site?

Our old one was outdated and honestly beyond the point of saving, our development team has been hard at work on version 4 of our website so we figured it was a better time then any for some more changes.

Update Time

As stated above we are working hard to finish version 4 of our website as fast as we possibly can, we all have lifes to live, jobs to go to etc and are doing the best we can. With that being said im sure those of you who pay attention will have noticed that we have released a variety of open-source tools and clis. These (plugins) serve a variety of purposes inside of our infrastructure and have been made public in hopes that they can help someone who may need them as well as for contributions.


We would like to thank you all for your continued love and support over the past 2+ years of service we have officially surpassed 1,400 members in our discord server which serves as a achievement to all of us here at Infinity Bot List. We will be hosting a premium giveaway soon to celebrate this achievement!