Hello everyone!

As most of you may know by now we recently had to let go of Maxim who was one of the biggest contributors to the Infinity Bots staff team as we try our best to move on from this decision We ask that all members of the Infinity Bot List Discord community refrain from Messaging, Posting About or Harrasing this staff member.

This is a decision that was hard to make but had to happen due to some personal issues that Maxim is facing in his life we hope that you can all respect this and join us in wishing him well and hoping for the best for him and his current issues or projects.

Maxim was a huge contributor to the Development, Maintenance and Security of the Infinity Bot List Community and Server as a whole and i wanted to personally reach out and let you all know in advance that this decision did not come due to actions (positive or negative) that have happened But just life in general once again interfering with and taking its toll on the ones we all know and love.

He has not been banned, kicked or anything of the sort just demoted for the time being, most of you may have noticed that he still actively has both the Tickets Support and Helpers roles. He will continue to offer support where he can, But most issues should be addressed through our staff team in the Discord Server not via his DMs.

You're all free to message him as you would on a daily basis but he has requested that I ask you all to refrain from messaging him about infinity related support, if you need support you can reach out to us in our support channels and since he is a helper you may just end up getting him anyways 😉

Anywho I'm getting carried away.

Thanks and Much Love ❤️

Toxic Dev (Head Staff)