Hey there

Well here we are again with another random update that unfortanetly doesnt bring a whole lot of good news with it.

As most of you probably know through most of the day yesterday our website and variety of our services recieved a fairly large DDOS attack on our website/servers.

I first of all want to thank the staff that stepped up right away and did what they can to mitigate the issues at hand and even banning the users responsible from our server. We have firewall rules and much more security in place to prevent attacks of this nature and that is exactly what the firewall did.

All requests from the attackers were blocked and mitigated successfully. allowing our team to keep our services online and responsive for you all to use and enjoy though im sure you seen the annoying cloudflare browser/verification check.

The Good News

I personally have recently been in contact with a company/organization that specializes in website security and attack mitigation unfortunately at this time i will be leaving the company annonymous but i will say that you can most likely expect some kind of subsidiary/sponsorship/partnership with them in the future.

Big shout out to them for providing Infinity Bot List with the tools and resources necessary to identify and mitigate these attacks in a fast, friendly manor. Thank you all for the love and support recently and we are extremely sorry for any inconveniences that these attacks may have caused!

Thanks for Reading