Hello everyone

As im sure we all have noticed over the duration of the past couple days infinity bots has undergone a variety of stressful sitatuations all leading up to the inevitable decission of using moving the website and all of our services to a new hosting provider. Decissions such as this are never easy and usually have a huge impact on a our services of course as well as our staff team, dev team and of course our users.

As of now all of our services are once again onlline and responsive for you all to enjoy... But of course as always i am sure there are a variety of you who have questions such as: Why did this happen, Was any data affected by the move etc etc. I am to answer all of those questions in this post. Though i myself and the infinity staff are not obligated to go into precise detail.

Why did this happen?

To be honest with you.. I really don't know for the past few weeks Infinity has been running into some internal issues within the staff team all of which on its own have been stressful not only to myself but also to my staff team and our community as a whole. We do the best we can to avoid situations like this but sometimes it is just unavoidable To keep things short here basically our previous hosting provider decided to start conducting a bit of shady business which inevitably would have put the safety and security at risk if something was not done about it as fast as possible. Thankfully i secured the data and permanently removed our services from this server before any major damage was done.

End-User Data Updates?

Any and ALL End-User Data that is stored in our database(s) was secured and relocated without any harm, data loss or breach of security! myself and our Dev Team did everything we could to act on this matter in a timely fashion. Thank you in advance for all you of who assisted in getting everything running smoothly again on our new servers.

Our Database(s) have been upgraded with imporved security and are now located on the same server as our website which will ultimately provide a huge performance boost in terms of how the website handles requests to and from our database(s). I know a few people are going to ask our new servers are located in Canada.

Side Note

If you have any additional questions which did not seem to be answered here feel free to reach out to me personally on discord and i will do what i can to answer you in a timely fashion. Please do not bug our staff or development team for quetsions regarding this situation as i am the best one suited to answer them.