Hello everyone, over the past few weeks i have been working on the next version of our API. Since we moved the API to fastify for v4 i have been monitoring its progress, issues and feedback to gather all the tools and info i need to make it better.

i am pleased to announce that as of about twenty minutes ago the API has been updated and pushed to v4.2.0 all details and changes can be found below!

Change Log

Bug Fixes


One of the major additions to this update is our new and improved Ratelimit System. Details on how this system works will be explained here:

That is pretty much all you need to know for now there hasnt been any major changes to the router layout that will affect bots currently interacting with our API!

Documentation site will be updated with Ratelimit Info by Tomorrow Morning <3

API Bot Commands

The Command System for our API Bot has also seen a variety of updates but nothing really worth noting however i should mention that Slash Commands for the bot are still a huge work in progress in this version and have been disabled for the time being while we work oit any issues.

Thanks for reading: