Well its been a while since we have had any major updates and honestly i think we are about due for one.

Over the course of the next few days we will be moving the Infinity API over to Fastify the code for this project has already been completed and is currently in the testing stages (pre-production)

What this means!

with this change we are looking at Fatser response times all around, More Reliable and User Friendly server and error logging and a whole bunch more.

i wont sit here and make a big paragraph that lets be honest youre probably not going to read so ill just dumb it down:

Migrating Bots

We may release a new NPM Module to better accomidate the new API but for now migrating bots is not necessary. everything should be the same as it was in terms of routes (endpoints) and usage


As always if you need support with the Infinity API please visit our API Support Channel