Well hello everyone, as im sure most of you probably know by now over the past month Infinity has faced a variety of ongoing issues following our change in Hosting Providers. These issues range everywhere from "Data Breaches" to illegitimate legal practices. so i decided i would make a new post to address these issues directly.

Data Breaches

First and foremost i would like to start off by saying that any claims of a Breach of the Infinity Bot List Data has been investigated to the fullest extent possible by all members of our Head Development, Security and Legal teams. At this time we are proud to say that these claims are false. There have been no Data Breaches or Leaks and we will continue to monitor all claims based around this topic.

Please note: in the event a Data Breach ever does occur you will be contacted by me directly explaining to you what may be at risk and what steps you should should take to secure the information provided. We will not use Discord Bots, or Third-Party Services to notify our users in the event of a Data Breach as this is against most laws.

Among all of the things listed above Infinity Bots was also accused of following and enforcing "illegitimate" or "illegal" Legal Practices mainly revolving around the logging and usage of a users IP Address. Let me start off here by saying that any and all IP Addresses that are stored or logged by any of the Infinity Bot List Websites are encrypted to the highest extent and stored in a safe and secure database.

We use IP Addresses for mulitple things such as Unique Views, Unique Clicks, Webiste Moderation and more. all of this can info be found and has always been available on our Privacy Policy

Source Code Leaks

And of course to top it all off we have also had multiple failed attempts at Source Code leaks by a member of our Dev Team who no longer works at Infinity. Of course these leaks have been reported to DMCA and taken down under applicable Copyright Laws. I know there are a variety of people in the world who will feel like i am trying to boast or brag about all of the things i stated above but in reality i am just doing my legal duty of infoming my users about the ongoing issues and situations.

Any and all attempted source code leaks have been reported by our users on multiple occassions and i greatly appreciate the help <3

Issues like this are the reason why we have and enforce a License

If you have any questions or concerns about anything i have said in this post or just any questions in general please feel free to contact me directly on discord. NOTE: you may need to ping me to add you as i have my account set to a private standard.

Much Love: