The wait is Finally Over!!

Over the past few months we have dedicated our time and energy into gathering user feedback regarding what our users would like to see out of our version 4 update. And we have listened to almost all of your suggestions.

We plan to release Version 4 of Infinity Bot List by the beginning of August and yes for those of you who are wondering we will be releasing our Server List shortly after the release of v4. So let's talk about the important stuff now.

What to Expect!

For Version 4 we are planning to do a complete redesign on the site, and how it works and operates as well as some changes to things that most users won't get a chance to see such as the Staff Panel and Admin Panel.

Following the release for Version 4 we will be making some well needed changes to our Discord Server, most of which have already started such as a major Channel Cleanup and rework.

Our Dev Team may also see a delay in response times to our users as we dedicate our time to the upcoming updates and maintenance of the website and all of our available services.

Version 4

Version 4 of our website will include a huge variety of Front and Backend updates:

And honestly the list goes on, I could go on for hours about what is and isnt being changed but instead i think it's better to just leave you all in suspense 😳 we are expecting to be fully converted to our Bet Stages for V4 by the Beginning/Middle of August

Server Listing

Our Server Listing website will be one of the Bigger Changes for Version 4 and will feature:

And honestly the list goes on, This is going to be one of our Bigger Updates to date and comes with a variety of new features and services for you all to love and enjoy

I should say in advance at this time we WILL NOT be merging the Bot Listing and Server Listing into one website but instead will run them both separately to help with load and performance in the long run.

Server Listing is expected to be fully implemented by the end of August - Mid September ❤️

Thanks for the Love and Support ❤️