Hello everyone, Toxic here!

Throughout the duration of the past few days we have had a couple of users who will remain unnamed for this post who have made attempts to personally target harass and attack not only our website but also our staff and even our friends, family and hosting provider. Actions of this nature will not be tolerated by any member of our Discord Server or Discord in general and the user(s) in question have been reported to the proper authorities.

We have done everything we can in regards to keeping our website secure and online during these.. "questionable" times including working closely with our server provider to take extra precautions to prevent users from executing multiple types of attacks on our services.

We have had a lot of people curious what has happened and asking us questions that quite frankly we don't need to or hold no obligation to discuss publicly simply due to the fact that this is staff related issue.

How our website and services works has not and will not change due to the issues at hand and we will notify our users appropriately should there be any changes In regards to this matter or the status of our services.

Now the Upside

We are getting extremely close to the release of the next major version of the Infinity Bot List website and hope you all enjoy what's to come. Here at Infinity we are constantly looking for ways to improve our website and user experience and have kept in mind a variety of your suggestions and requests to better improve our services. Just as a little sneak peek one of our major improvements is our Premium system will no offer a huge variety of features including vanity links.

We hope to have Version 4 ready for you all to enjoy under the beta stages by mid August, Beta will be open to all members meaning you will not need to apply for access access will be giving to all members if they chose to use it our they can continue to use the current website and domain.

Once the beta stages are complete will we fix up whatever bugs need to be fixed prior to releasing the production version of the site.

Thanks and Sorry in Advance ❤️