Well, Hello there.

Ever since the day i took my position at Infinity i have been looking for ways to update and improve the API wrappers we use to let users Interact with our API.

a while back when the Dev Team had a decent amount of people on it we started working on a TypeScript based wrapper.

I have recently once again dusted off this module and strarted working on making it operational. and i have good news to go along with it!

As im sure most of you know our API Wrapper is the main part of what we use to allow our users to post server and shard count stats to our website and honestly it needs a huge change..

Over the next few days i will be working to finish up the TS module and get it live and released for our members and there is a boat load of new features that come with it!!

Upcoming Changes!

  1. New method for handling the users client and how stats are posted
  2. Auto post method that allows users to select an amount if time for when to post stats (ie: every 10 mins)
  3. Method and Server for Handling and Sending vote webhooks
  4. Support for discord.js and eris based clients

Well now for the good news. this module is coded and set up to fetch and use the stats directly from your Discord Bot Client meaning you no longer have to provide the server and shard count. the module will find it for you.

We no longer will have to rely on and trust our users to post a legitimate number as they will have no choice ❤

Anyways im getting carried away. Thanks and Much Love